Friday, November 30, 2007

Setting up Blogger for custom domains on GoDaddy

UPDATE 12/05/07: There is another solution that bypasses having to set up domain forwarding! Read about it here:

The following guide will show you how to get Blogger working properly with a GoDaddy hosted domain. Both "" and "" will point properly to your Blogger hosted blog.

Step 1: Have a Blogger hosted blog. E.g. ""

Step 2: Have a GoDaddy parked domain. E.g. ""

Step 3: Turn domain forwarding on within GoDaddy's settings and forward it to your blog on Blogger. E.g.

Forwarding may not be active for an hour or two. If eight hours goes by and your domain is not properly forwarding, file a ticket with GoDaddy support and they will get it working.

Step 4: Set up a CNAME referral for www under GoDaddy's total control to

Step 5: Setup custom domain on Blogger by going to Settings->Publishing and entering your address.

IMPORTANT: If you have Google Apps running for your domain, such as Gmail for Domains, you MUST login to and disable Web Pages before blogger will allow you to publish to a www subdomain.

If all is setup correctly, is now hosting your blog. bounces to which bounces back to All of this is completely transparent to your users and whether they remebmer www or not no longer matters.